Hi! I'm Shaneli

Yep, just like Chanel. My dad really liked the brand in the ‘80s, and came up with my name. It doesn’t really mean anything, as far as I know.


I’ve heard every variation of it and read every different spelling of it. I once worked for a Managing Editor who kept spelling my name wrong in the email address field, and so I never received anything from him. Oops. I’ve even had PR reps email me, starting, “Dear Mr. Li…” Insert face palm emoji. I’m not a man, there isn’t a missing Y or a missing L in my name; it’s just Shaneli.


This is my website. I’ve had a career in media for 8 years and finally have one place for my portfolio: right here. Have a browse, contact me, ask for advice, be my friend, whatever you like.

My Instagram, where I like to post pretty things like coffee and shoes. 

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