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Hello, Singapore!

After my big fat Indian wedding, I moved to Singapore. Yah, lah, my hubby is Singaporean. I've been here for about six months, making a poor attempt at getting my bearings and figuring out life in the Little Red Dot. Marriage is "interesting", as my hubby says every time he's asked that question. In laws (of the extended variety) are even more "interesting", in my opinion.

In the last few months, I got my visa, helped hubby move and get settled into a new office space (he used to work from home), organise and file a load of paperwork for his company and taken on a few of my own clients in the mean time. I've also eaten twice my weight in prata, decided I dislike chicken rice (oh, the shame!) and learned to queue...

I'm torn between this "working flexibly" for myself and not having a fixed routine, but that comes with getting married and moving to a new city all in one go. I've joined Absolute Cycle (sorry, XYZ!) to try and work off all that prata, joined a book club (and finally got my Kindle working...) and even found a hair dresser that I like, which initially scared the crap out of me.

Stay tuned to my blog for info on digital tips and tricks, as well as to the blog on Mighty Tech Consulting's website (especially for upcoming info on Singapore's Great StarHub Fibre Cable Conundrum of 2019).

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